Sunday, February 25, 2018
About CAS

Custom Ag Solutions, Inc. operates in three main business areas: 

  • First, Custom Ag Solutions works with Federal and state agencies on competitive-bid contracts, partnerships, and grants.  CAS has worked closely with the USDA's Risk Management Agency (RMA) to    

1) educate agricultural producers about risk management and crop insurance; and,  

2) research and develop new risk management programs and tools that increase the financial stability of U.S. agricultural producers. 

  • Second, Custom Ag Solutions provides clients with technical services related to data collection, analysis, and reporting.  In short, we help clients better understand and leverage their operational data leading to better management decisions.  To do this, we employ sophisticated analytical methods and processes including multivariate regression, neural networks, and genetic algorithms.  We also develop web-based decision support applications for presenting analytical results in an easy-to-understand format.  
  • Third, Custom Ag Solutions partner Brett Crosby is an Accredited Rural Appraiser (ARA) and Wyoming Certified General Appraiser who specializes in appraising farm and ranch properties in Wyoming and Montana.  Other CAS team members perform research and administrative assistance related to the appraisal process.

  Custom Ag Solutions is built around the talents and energies of its people; principals include  

  • Brett Crosby (MBA, ARA); and,
  • John Mangus (MBA).   

Other key CAS contributors include 

  • Casey Crosby (MBA);
  • Chris Crosby (MS);
  • Scott Crosby (MBA);
  • Keith Kennedy (MBA);
  • Ryan Mangus (BS);
  • Clifton Parker (BS);
  • Kole Swanser (MS); and,
  • Shylea Wingard (MS). 

Custom Ag Solutions also partners with a range of exceptionally talented individuals and outstanding organizational partners to accomplish specific project objectives.  In addition to our identified team members, we have an extensive network of industry professionals available to consult on project needs.  

The CAS team has competencies across a range of business and technical disciplines including agriculture, economics, finance, health care, and technology.  We also have substantial training and experience in project management (Project Management Institute (PMI), Microsoft Solutions Framework, and Rapid Prototyping) and contract administration.  Finally, CAS utilizes best-of-breed technologies in our daily work activities.  Our platform includes both proven and leading-edge technologies such as email, messaging utilities, web-based database servers, web-based document storage, internet-based project management portals, and IP voice/video collaboration applications.  CAS is a registered Microsoft Partner and employs Microsoft certified personnel to deliver internal and external computing solutions.

We farm and ranch too!

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