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Wednesday, April 5, 2017
CAS Presents Risk Management Education at 32 Utah Schools

CAS’ recently wrapped up its efforts to deliver risk management education to Utah beginning producers. In all, 32 events were held all across the state, allowing CAS to reach a total of 2,434 beginning producers.

CAS utilized its presentation "Farming is Risky Business" to help educate young and beginning producers across the state of Utah. The presentation includes an introduction to risk and risk management concepts, employing a computer-simulation game in which each student makes operating and marketing decisions on a cow-calf / wheat farming operation.  Contestants enjoy the opportunity to make decisions on their own hypothetical farm and try to earn as much as possible during a 6 year operating period.  The game has proven beneficial in introducing players to the idea of risk and risk management, as well as to the concept of using crop insurance to manage agricultural risk.

CAS appreciates the assistance of the Utah FFA organization and participating Vo-Ag instructors and schools for coordinating and facilitating these workshops.


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