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Monday, April 10, 2017
CAS Educates Over 1,000 Wyoming Beginning Producers

During the 2016-17 project year, CAS presenter Ryan Mangus traveled to 40 schools across the state of Wyoming, reaching over 1,000 students.

Mangus utilized CAS' well-known "Farming is Risky Business" workshop to educate young producers in an engaging and interactive way. The workshop allows each attendee the opportunity to first learn about risk and risk management strategies, and then, to apply that knowledge in a game simulation. Using ARS device technology, each participant is able to "own" and "manage" an operation, in which they make decisons specific to that operation. Educators and students expressed their appreciation for the game simulation and its positive effect on their learning and understanding of risk and risk management.

CAS appreciates the assistance and dedication of the University of Wyoming's John Hewlett for continually facilitating these workshops and recognizing their value. Additionally, CAS is grateful to all the Vo-Ag educators for their participation in CAS' risk management training program.


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