Sunday, February 25, 2018
Ag 2020 (Survive Today - Thrive Tomorrow)

Wheat Farmer Checking Prices

Today’s economic problems are downright scary.  Just look at the price of fertilizer or the gyrations in the corn market.  Both inside and outside of agriculture, businesses are thinking just one thing: SURVIVE.  Fortunately, many of the same strategies that ensure producers' survival today can position those same producers for greater success in the future.   

CAS offers its Ag 2020 (Survive Today - Thrive Tomorrow) Program to help producers evaluate and make today's critical operating, marketing, and financing decisions.  Our program begins with a review of current economic factors that are likely to impact pending decisions.  We then offer producers a set of decision frameworks, including cost-benefit, best-worst, risk-reward, and what-if models.  Next, we use these frameworks to move through the decision-making process for several common operating and financing decisions.  The Ag 2020 Program is usually delivered through an on-site seminar or webcast; however, one-on-one consulting sessions can also be arranged. 

CAS' presenters are professionals in the field of agricultural finance and management.  All presenters have bachelors degrees and most have masters degrees.  Our presenters are experienced in delivering financial training programs to beginning and traditional producers.  Program and presenter references are available upon request.  

CAS' Ag 2020 (Survive Today - Thrive Tomorrow) Program delivery can sometimes be funded by the USDA's Risk Management Agency (RMA) or Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (CSREES).  State or private funding may also be available.  Interested producer organizations are encouraged to contact CAS to discuss upcoming funding opportunities.

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