Sunday, February 25, 2018
You CAN Farm and Ranch!

Young Farmer

In recent years, production agricultural has evolved into a highly competitive, capital-intensive, low-margin business.  Often, young people considering a career in production agriculture are discouraged by the industry’s formidable barriers to entry.  In this presentation, Custom Ag Solutions offers several proven approaches for starting a career in production agriculture (farming or ranching). 

CAS presenters focus on themes such as building your credit, building your balance sheet, and building your reputation.  Participants will better understand both the risks and rewards associated with a career in production agriculture. 

CAS' presenters are professionals in the field of agricultural risk management.  All presenters have bachelors degrees and most have masters degrees.  CAS' presenters are experienced in delivering risk management education programs and interacting with beginning producers.  Program and presenter references are available from FFA administrators and Ag-Ed teachers in several states. 

CAS' You CAN Farm and You CAN Ranch presentations are generally funded by the USDA's Risk Management Agency (RMA) and coordinated with state FFA associations and vocational agriculture teacher associations.  Teachers or state FFA administrators interested in scheduling presentations are encouraged to contact CAS to discuss upcoming funding opportunities.



We farm and ranch too!

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