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2006-2007 Projects

For 2006-2007, Custom Ag Solutions partnered with the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Risk Management Agency (RMA) on the following Risk Management Education (RME) projects:

  • Crop Insurance Education for Massachusetts Producers (  In completing the project, CAS worked with the following organizational partners:
    • Massachusetts FFA Association;
    • Massachusetts Farm Bureau Federation; 
    • Cape Cod Cranberry Growers Association;
    • Massachusetts Nursery and Landscape Association.
  • Crop Insurance Education for Nevada Producers (  In completing the project, CAS worked with the following organizational partners: 
    • Nevada Vocational Agriculture Teachers Association;
    • Nevada Cattlemen's Association;
    • Kansas State University; and,
    • Nevada Farm Bureau.
  • Risk Management Education for Michigan Christmas Tree Growers (  CAS' project partners included the following organizations:
    • Dr. Melvin R. Koelling, Professor, Forest Extension, Physiology, Michigan State University; and,
    • Michigan Christmas Tree Association.
  • Risk Management Education for Oregon and Washington Christmas Tree Growers (  In successfully completing this project, CAS worked with the following partners: 
    • Dr. Melvin R. Koelling, Professor, Forest Extension, Physiology, Michigan State University;
    • Oregon State University Extension Service and Chal Landgren; and,
    • Pacific Northwest Christmas Tree Growers Association.
  • Research and Development of a Cattle Basis Risk Analysis Tool (CBRAT) and the website (  CAS' project partners included the following:
    • Kansas State University's Kevin Dhuyvetter;
    • Kansas State University's James Mintert; and, 
    • Montana State University's Kevin McNew.


During 2006-2007, CAS was also a partner on the following USDA/RMA projects: 

  • Crop Insurance Education for Wyoming Producers (University of Wyoming Cooperative Extension);
  • Crop Insurance Education for Utah Producers (Utah State University Extension);
  • Risk Management Education for Kansas Livestock Producers (Kansas State University); and,
  • Research and Development of a Water Allocation Risk Analysis Tool (WARAT) (Kansas State University).

In 2006-2007, CAS also partnered with Montana State University on a USDA Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service (CSREES) Project to Quantify the Value of Recreational Amenities as a Means of Ecologically Sustaining Small and Medium-Sized Farm and Ranch Profitability (COVRA) (Montana and Wyoming).

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